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If you are not familiar with table windows, please read Working with table windows first.


The module window lets you activate and deactivate modules. The following is a description of the columns in this window:


Module Name

The name of the module. This field is not editable.


Current status of the module - Active or Inactive. The edit mode for this field is a dropdown list.


The type of service provided by the module. This field is not editable.


A description of the module. This field is not editable.


The following is a short description of the available modules. Click on the module name for detailed help on that module:



cPanel Integration Module. Setup cPanel shared hosting and reseller accounts.


Email Communication Module. Send email notifications.


eNom Integration Module. Interface with eNom to register and transfer domain names


Generate invoices for received orders

Manual Domains

Use this module to keep track of domain name registration and transfer requests if your domain name registrar is not yet supported by us.

Manual Payments

Keep track of manual payments such as checks and money orders where the admin will mark payments as received when it clears.


Basic order form for customers to place orders.


PayPal Integration Module. Accept payments using PayPal


Adds a tax entry to invoices based on the country and state f the customer. Allows flat rate or percentage tax.