PawBill is no longer actively maintained
When you purchase a PawBill license, you are entitled to a free ResellerClub account. Contact support for more details.

Core Features
Modular System
PawBill is built as a modular system. All features are not enabled by default. You can install the modules you need (example, cPanel module or eNom module) and only the features supported by those modules become active. This allows the entire system to run faster and makes the system only as complicated as you require it to be.
Language Support
All text used in PawBill comes from language files. These language files can be customized to support the language of your choice. Users are then able to select between the supported languages and see the entire interface in the chosen language.
Multiple Account Types
PawBill supports domain names as well as hosting accounts. You have the ability to register, transfer and renew domain names along with setting up hosting accounts.
Multiple Billing Cycles
PawBill supports recurring payments, one time payments and free products. With recurring payments, you can set the term of the payment to any number of days, months or years. For example, you could create a new term named "Half yearly" and set its duration to 6 months.
Configurable Invoice Generation Date
Invoices can be configured to be generated some number of days before the expiry of the account. This setting can be Configured globally for all accounts within a module or you can override the default for individual accouts.
Admin Area Features
Templated Frontend
The frontend uses smarty templates. You can customize the look and feel of the admin area easily using these templates. You can even go to the extent of creating a new theme to make your installation of PawBill look unique.
Less Clutter
Only links related to the enabled modules show up in the navigation menu. As you enable or disable modules, the links in the navigation menu change to show you only those items that you can configure, leading to less clutter in the admin area.
Advance Permissions System
A system of admin groups and admin logins give you a fine control over what each admin can and cannot do.

By default, you have a superuser admin group with all permissions and a disabled admin group with no permissions. While you can't modify these two existing admin groups, you can create new admin groups with any names you like. You can configure permissions for each admin group you create and then add individual admins to admin groups. You can easily change the admin group of an admin as well as change permissions for an admin group.

For example, an admin engaged in support activities may not require permission to activate and deactivate modules. You can easily configure an admin group named support with permission for the modules section either View Only or None and add the admin to that group.
Customizable Navigation Menu
You can customize the navigation menu that appears in the admin and client areas. You can move the links around, edit the URL of links and add or delete links.
Advanced Filter and Sort
You can filter the data shown within PawBill in various simple and advanced ways:

Numbers: Filter numbers based on a range, exactly match a value, greater than, less than, not equal to and contained in a list of numbers
Text: Filter text based on exact match, starts with, ends with, contains text and a list of text values
Dates: Filter dates based on a date range

You can sort the data shown within PawBill by up to three levels - if two rows have the same data according to the first sort criteria, the second is used to sort the rows and if that too is equal, the third is used.
Drag and Drop Support
Drag and Drop can be used to filter rows of table windows. When a row is dragged from the first window to the second window, the second window will filter itself based on the data it recognizes from the dragged row.
Tag Notes to Almost Anything
You can add internal notes as reminders to yourself for any customer, account, invoice, order, package, etc. These notes are not visible to customers.
cPanel Features
Automatic or Manual Mode
You can set the mode of operation to automatic to immediately create the account on payment. On the other hand, you can make the system wait for your approval before it goes ahead and creates the account. In both ways, you do not have to visit the WHM panel to manually create the account.
Shared and Reseller Accounts
The system is capable of setting up both Shared as well as Reseller hosting accounts without requiring you to visit the WHM panel.
Suspend and Delete Accounts
You can configure the number of days after account expiry to suspend or delete the account. You can also override the suspend and delete date for individual accounts. On the other hand, if you do not with to suspend and/or delete accounts, you can configure that too.
Server Selection
Select the server to be used to setup a new account based on available disk space, available bandwidth, number of accounts, priority or random server.
Username Selection
Select the username to be used to setup a new account based on the domain name of the account, name of the customer, email address of the customer or a random username.
Automatic Retry
If your cPanel server is offline when the system tries to setup the account, it will automatically retry later.
cPanel Logs
The system logs all requests made and responses received from your cPanel servers.
eNom Features
Completely Automated
The eNom module automatically handles domain name registrations, transfer and renewal of domain names through eNom.
Extended Information
Collects extended information during the order process for domains that require it, reducing manual intervention.
Nameserver Modification
Modify name servers associated with domain names right from within the admin area.
Automatic Retry
If the eNom server is offline, the system will automatically retry the request later.
eNom Logs
All communication with the eNom server are logged and viewable by the admin.
PayPal Features
Recurring Payments
Recurring payments (PayPal uses the term subscriptions) are supported. You can also choose to require your customers to make one-time payments for every invoice if you prefer not to use recurring payments.
IPN Logs
All Instant Payment Notifications (IPNs) received from the PayPal server are logged and viewable by the admin.
Order Features
Domain Availability Check
Domain availability check for new domain name registrations.
Choose Visible Packages
Select which domain and hosting packages show up in the order form.
Package Groups
Arrange web hosting packages into package groups.
Choose Visible Addons
Select which addons show up for each addon group
Email Features
Customizable Emails
Notify clients of events such as new account active, payment received, etc using email templates that are completely customizable
Cc and Bcc
Add Cc and Bcc fields to any email.
Many Types of Recipients
You can choose to send the email to an admin, an admin group, the customer or to a specific email address
HTML Emails
HTML, Plain Text and multipart email messages (having both HTML and Plain Text parts in one email message) are supported.
Email Deliver Methods
SMTP, sendmail and internal php main() function are supported.
Manual Domains
Manual Domain Purchase
The Manual Domains module accepts orders for the domain names you configure. You can then purchase or transfer the domain name and update the status accordingly.
Whois Servers
You can configure whois servers for each domain name using the WHOIS, HTTP or HTTPS protocols to check domain availability in the order form.
Manual Payments
Select Payment Methods
You can configure allowed payment methods such as check, money order, wire transfer, etc. The customer can choose one of these methods to pay their invoices. Once the payment has been received and cleared, you will have to update teh status to have the system proceed with completing the order.
Apply Based on Country and State
Ability to apply a tax based on the state and country of the customer
Flat Rate or Percetage
Supports both flat rate of tax as well as a percentage of the total amount.
Customer Location
Customer Location Report
Shows you statistics on where your customers are from
Data Representation
Shows the data in percentages, a pie chart and as plain number of customers
Drill Down for Details
Click on the pie chart slices to show customers by country, state and city
Address Verification
Supports address verification to reduce fraud
Authorize Card for Verification
Authorizes card the first time the user enters it for verification
Google Checkout
Recurring Payments
Recurring payments are supported. You can also choose to require your customers to make one-time payments for every invoice if you prefer not to use recurring payments.
Notification Logs
All notifications received from or sent to the Google Checkout server are logged and viewable by the admin.
Completely Automated
The ResellerClub module automatically handles domain name registrations, transfer and renewal of domain names through ResellerClub.
Nameserver Modification
Modify name servers associated with domain names right from within the admin area.
Automatic Retry
If the ResellerClub server is offline, the system will automatically retry the request later.
ResellerClub Logs
All communication with the ResellerClub server are logged and viewable by the admin.
Permission Level to Submit Ticket
You can control if visitors to your site have to be registered before they can submit support tickets or anyone can submit a support ticket
Multiple Departments
Supports multiple departments with different settings for each department
Private Notes
Add private notes to tickets. Private notes are visible only to admins and not to the customer
Close Tickets Automatically
Ability to close tickets automatically after a configurable number of days if they are in answered state.
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